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Aktuell kampanjeplakat (18.07. -15.09.2018)

BRIGHT Research Norge is an initiative that will organise fundraising and
pay for necessary, unfunded BRIGHT activities such as

  • analyses (e.g. in laboratory, fact analyses)
  • running costs (e.g. nurses, interviewers, data entry, specimen security, generators, electricity, water)
  • safety for study participants and staff (e.g. training in confidentiality and clinic hygiene, insurance)
  • advocacy and dissemination of knowledge (e.g. publications, meetings to inform, meetings to guide us, teaching, educational material)
  • collaboration with the local school nurses, clinics, hospitals in their activities

Photos: Håvard Holme

The work we do is always with permissions and feedback from the Department of Health
in South Africa

  1. Three of BRIGHT’s senior researchers are active in the South African Schistosomiasis Task Force together with the Department of Health (DoH) in South Africa. We have participated in writing the drafts for the National mapping plan for Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) and Policy Brief on mass treatment for NTDs in South Africa.
  2. Otimati Clinic, Ilembe DoH, has hosted our youth clinic
  3. From 2011 to 2016 the Ugu, Ilembe and King Cetshwayo DoH School Health Nurses have offered treatment to 156.000 pupils with help from our research team.

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Aktuell kampanjeplakat

BRIGHT Research Norge is

  • a non-profit organisation
  • kontonr.  1503 82 57940
  • registered Org. no. 917 573 131 Brønnøysund
  • monitored by Norwegian authorities
  • managed by a steering committee and an annual assembly
  • Please email us for account information [email protected]