Donations are most welcome

“BRIGHT Research Norge” is an initiative that will support BRIGHT activities

BRIGHT Research Norge will

  • organise fundraising and collect funds
  • pay for necessary, unfunded BRIGHT activities such as
    • analyses (e.g. in laboratory, fact analyses)
    • running costs (e.g. nurses, interviewers, data entry, specimen security, generators, electricity, water)
    • safety for study participants and staff (e.g. training in confidentiality and clinic hygiene, insurance)
    • advocacy and dissemination of knowledge (e.g. publications, meetings to inform, meetings to guide us, teaching, educational material)
Photos: Håvard Holme


BRIGHT Research Norge is

  • a non-profit organisation
  • registered Org. no. 917 573 131 Brønnøysund
  • monitored by Norwegian authorities
  • managed by a steering committee and an annual assembly
  • Please email us for practical information [email protected]