BRIGHT Academy
vision, mission and goals


We build global health solutions for today


BRIGHT Academy scientists is driven by the passion to provide appropriate outcomes for  patients and health professionals in their settings. We aim to collaborate with the best, to grow and to learn. We will deliver our research to policy makers, authorities and to our donors. The organization seeks to provide an environment where the best minds will thrive. BRIGHT Academy will apply methods based on logic, rigour, knowledge, and excellence. BRIGHT Academy scientists will learn from our results and outcomes, and we will consistently refine our approach.

BRIGHT Academy scientists do state-of-the art global health interventions and research with a special focus on the female health, adolescent health, reproductive health, HIV transmission, and gender issues.


We aim to

  1. Take the patient perspective and add value for the health and welfare in our immediate surroundings
  2. Lift the scientific competence through joint activities
  3. Strengthen cooperation for the purpose of developing long-lasting and effective implementation and research
  4. Make excellent diagnostic tools and intervention strategies for the control of global health problems such as Reproductive Health, HIV, and Bilharzia.

Gender equality plan

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