A core objective of BRIGHT Academy is to share our results, progress, and to increase the knowledge about Bilharzia.

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Although the situations portrayed on this website are typical of the research none of the persons in this website are research patients (study participants). None of the persons portrayed in the treatment and investigative situations are minors. They have kindly given their permissions to publish the images.
Kinldy credit photographer Håvard Holme.

Joint diagnosis of cervical cancer and female genital schistosomiasis, step 1.

See this 7-minute video for an overview (press link): Sub-Saharan girls and women at risk of Female Genital Schistosomiasis (FGS) are currently not being diagnosed or treated. Health care professionals require several weeks of training and there are only a handful of professionals who are proficient in FGS diagnosis. We are now joining forces with the cervical cancer screening... read more

One-stop-shop for FGS and cervical cancer screening?

“Health professionals do not know that bloody discharge, smelly discharge, pain when you have sex or infertility may be caused by Female Genital Schistosomiasis (FGS)”, the conference participants heard at the virtual IPVC (International Papillomavirus Conference, Toronto November 16-23, 2021 ). “Currently these women are treated mistakenly as though they have cancer or as if they have a sexually transmitted disease, but women and girls may have FGS instead. Their daughters and sisters  who use the same source of water for domestic purposes will make up a new generation of women with the same problem, wrongly diagnosed, untreated, misinformed and suffering. For the first time, we are suggesting to pair the diagnosis of cervical cancer and FGS in the same programme, elevating the standard of care.” FGS is a variant of Bilharzia, Schistosoma haematobium, transmitted in fresh water in Africa. The disease lasts for a lifetime. Please listen to world experts in cervical cancer and FGS who are teaming... read more

BRIGHT Academy

BRIGHT Academy is an umbrella organisation for 8 research and health institutions that have focused on Female Genital Schistosomiasis (FGS) since the 1990’s, its researchers are at the forefront of FGS research. They were the first to show an association between FGS and HIV, did the first community-based study on fertility and FGS, showed that children have FGS, and found an association between HPV and FGS. Currently the focus of BRIGHT Academy is on transfer of knowledge to health professionals and management of... read more