A core objective of BRIGHT Academy is to share our results, progress, and to increase the knowledge about Bilharzia.

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Although the situations portrayed on this website are typical of the research none of the persons in this website are research patients (study participants). None of the persons portrayed in the treatment and investigative situations are minors. They have kindly given their permissions to publish the images.
Kinldy credit photographer Håvard Holme.

Hard at work to prepare research

Port Shepstone Hospital doctors have started on research to improve conditions for patients and staff. Medical manager dr Dlamini was joined by doctors in internal medicine Situnda, Jona and Madikane. All scientists must undergo courses in ethics and projects must go through scrutiny by external experts in ethics. This takes many days and nights of preparation. Thumbs up for dedication!  ... read more

Mass-treatment to prevent permanent damage

This team is going places. After generous donations by BRIGHT facebook friends this team of retired nurses and all their assistants are going out to treat Bilharzia in South African schools of Ugu and Ilembe... read more