A core objective of BRIGHT is to share our results, progress, and to increase the knowledge about Bilharzia.

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Although the situations portrayed on this website are typical of the research none of the persons in this website are research patients (study participants). None of the persons portrayed in the treatment and investigative situations are minors. They have kindly given their permissions to publish the images.
Kinldy credit photographer Håvard Holme.


Making the FGS Pocket Atlas

Bilharzia remains undiagnosed by the vast majority of medical practitioners in South Africa. Researchers are concerned about the situation and are compiling a booklet to assist doctors to recognise female Bilharzia and effectively treat this common disease.

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Colposcopy training

Aiming to train practicing rural nurses, gynaecologists and general practitioners in the gynaecological visual examination techniques, they should be able to identify cancer, precancerous changes, female genital schistosomiasis and other common infections. University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN), Discipline of Gynaecology and Obstetrics and Discipline of Public Health hosts  a 2-day course in colposcopy together with Oslo University Hospital.   Years: 2012-2014-2016-2018 The programme (5 CPD points) is subject to change: Day 1 8:00 Welcome Remarks and Pre-test Quiz 8:15 Screening for Cervical cancer 9:00 Cytology: Pre-invasive and invasive Ca Cervix / HPV. Tests: Pap, LBC, other PCR limitations, requirements. Pregnant and postmenopausal 9:45 Abnormalities in genital schisto; differential diagnosis 11:00 The Colposcopic features of cervical neoplasia 12:15 Colposcopy – live demonstration 14:00 Treatment: cervical intraepithelial neoplasia: 14:45 HPV vaccination   Day 2 8:00 Gynaecological schisto as a public health problem 9:00 Reproductive health, rural settings, ethics 9:30 Differential diagnosis Female genital schistosomiasis. Confounders in HIV and reproductive tract research, brief intro to practical and statistical possibilities. 11:00 Colposcopic features of female genital schistosomiasis 11:45 Rural research, genital schisto and diagnostic possibilities 15:30 Test: visual identification and management 16:00 Closure and Vote of Thanks Picture: FGS Experts: Dr Bellington Vwalika (Zambia), Dr Bodo Randrianasolo (Madagascar), Professor Borghild Roald, (Norway (N)), Dr Dariuz Ledzinski (South Africa, SA), Dr Eyrun Floerecke Kjetland (SA/N), Dr Femi Olowookorun (SA), Dr Francis Hyera (SA), Dr Hashini Galappaththi-Arachchige (N), Dr Motshedisi Sebitloane (SA), Professor Myra Taylor (SA), Dr Pamela Sabina Mbabazi (WHO Geneva), Professor Roland E Eddie Mhlanga (SA), Dr Sheila Mabote (Mozambique), Dr Sibone Mocumbi (Mozambique), Dr Sigve Dhondup Holmen (N), Ms Takalani Girly Nemungadi (SA),... read more
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